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FLEETWASH trained technicians will hot-power wash, steam, and hand clean the entire kitchen exhaust system from the rooftop fan all the way down to the cooktop.

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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services

FLEETWASH leaves your kitchen exhaust system and work area spotless. Our professional staff begins by checking in with you at the start of service. Each FLEETWASH team has been trained to maintain the highest of standards. Each service includes a vacuum, power wash, scrub, and polish your hood until it shines. Nobody does it better!

Why is a clean hood important?

Maintaining a scheduled hood cleaning program keeps your restaurant kitchen cleaner and lowers your risk of grease fires and smoke problems. Many kitchen fires begin on cooking appliances and flare up into the kitchen exhaust system. Regular cleaning of the exhaust system and kitchen equipment are one of the primary defenses against fire hazards. It's also essential for your facility to present the best image during government audits.

FLEETWASH is licensed by the IKECA to certify your kitchen exhaust system as clean and safe - we post our FLEETWASH-certified sticker on your hood at the completion of the job.




  • At FLEETWASH, we provide a complete hood system analysis and explain in detail of what your system needs for a complete kitchen exhaust system cleaning. We have the experienced staff to do the cleaning the right way, the first time, and to ensure compliance with all applicable fire and health codes.
  • FLEETWASH technicians steam and hand clean the entire kitchen exhaust system from the rooftop fan down to the cooking equipment.
  • FLEETWASH service includes covering and protecting all kitchen equipment in the area, complete water cleanup, drying and polishing of all stainless-steel surfaces which we cleaned.
  • FLEETWASH is the largest on-site mobile power washing company in the country with services available from Coast to Coast. 
  • FLEETWASH maintains $15 Million Liability Insurance
  • AND FLEETWASH holds a $2 Million Pollution Insurance policy.
  • FLEETWASH uses a powerful, patented truck-mounted vacuum system, strong enough to reach a work area 700 feet away. 
  • FLEETWASH uniformed personnel and modern, well-marked vehicles mean that we will be a professional presence at your site.
  • FLEETWASH has 24/7 "On Call" Servicing.
  • All FLEETWASH work is guaranteed!

In today's regulatory environment, for your protection and ours, we do the job by the book.

  • FLEETWASH takes the environmental impact of what we do very seriously; we strictly follow the regulation guidelines in your State and Local area that are designed to protect our environment from water runoff. 
  • FLEETWASH's patent-protected water containment methods isolate, capture, transport the wastewater for proper and legal disposal.
  • FLEETWASH strictly follows the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard-96 that was designed to protect commercial cooking operations. A system that is safely working at the maximum performance will lead to a working environment that's cooler, cleaner and more productive for the staff.
  • FLEETWASH uses self-contained wash units that carry their own water and power supply.
  • FLEETWASH holds licenses and permits from over 50 cities in states around the country and is certified by your State and Local Environmental Agencies. 
  • FLEETWASH utilizes all biodegradable cleaning agents and degreasers in their cleaning process.
  • FLEETWASH assumes all risks and liabilities for proper water recovery and compliance with your Local, State and Federal regulations. 

Satisfied Customers

The crew is wonderful. They wash inside and out and do a great job. They are prompt and leave quickly when the job is done. Steve Rush, Jamac Foods 
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