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FLEETWASH can help you cut costs and ensure your rooftop HVAC and refrigeration coils and cooling towers are running safely and at peak efficiency. Our patent-protected water recovery process keeps the wastewater properly contained; whether on the ground, in your store, or on your roof.

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FLEETWASH is dedicated to keeping our clients GREEN while getting them clean. One of the most cost-effective GREEN things you can do for your facility and for the saftey of your customers is to have your HVAC system’s condenser, evaporator coils, and cooling tower regularly cleaned and inspected to ensure peak efficiency.

Why are Clean Coils Important?

Dirty coils can cut the life expectancy of your HVAC equipment by making your units work harder than normal to do their job. When HVAC units are forced to work harder than necessary they: increase the cost of your utility bills, effect output air quality, and impact the comfort level of your facility’s occupants.

The U.S. Department of Energy claims that compressor energy consumption can increase by as much as 30% due to dirty compressor coils. How does this happen? Over time, foreign particles can build up on the condensing unit coils and evaporator coils of your HVAC units. These foreign particles act as coil insulators which inhibit the free flow of air through the coils and decrease the rate of heat transfer between the coil and the air. The more efficient your HVAC system is (higher the SEER rating), the more likely it will benefit from regular cleaning to maintain peak efficiency.

HVAC Cooling Tower Cleaning

While we are on your roof, we can do more than clean your HVAC coils! Don't forget to pay attention to your rooftop water cooling towers too. 

Why are clean cooling towers important? The heat exchange mechanism for cooling towers provides the ideal breeding ground for dangerous Legionella bacteria. When bacteria-infected water droplets are dispersed in the surrounding air and inhaled, it can cause a potentially deadly form of pneumonia called Legionnaire's disease. Cases of Legionnaire's disease have been on the rise since 2000, so it's increasingly important to perform routine, meticulous inspections and cleaning of cooling towers to reduce the risk of Legionella bacteria growth and infections. (source)

FLEETWASH can help. FLEETWASH guarantees professional, thorough, GREEN cleaning to eliminate bacteria and prevent it from growing so YOU can provide a healthy environment for your customers! 


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HVAC & Refrigeration Units Cleaned Annually


Mobile Units Deployed Daily

FLEETWASH has the experience, expertise, and professionalism you can count on to keep your building’s HVAC units clean and running efficiently. PLUS you can rest assured each job is completed to EPA standards and in an environmentally sustainable way – we guarantee it.

Over 700 FLEETWASH mobile units are deployed daily servicing companies – large and small – from coast to coast. FLEETWASH trained field agents complete every job, every wash, every wastewater elimination according to the procedures FLEETWASH has standardized around the country.

Last year alone, FLEETWASH completed over 100,000 HVAC and refrigeration units….and countless buildings, awnings, and sidewalks.

Always scheduled. Always professional. Always on time. Always at your service.

The Basics of FLEETWASH Rooftop HVAC Coil Cleaning Service

  • FLEETWASH Professional crew will park the water recovery and power-washing vehicles near rear entrance, away from the front of the store and store customers.
  • FLEETWASH crew leader always speaks with the Store or Facility Manager to confirm the scheduled servicing, explain the entire cleaning process, and formerly document the number of FLEETWASH crew members and official start time for each work order. All roof alarms are turned off by Store or Facility Manager before job commences.
  • FLEETWASH will bring all material and supplies to the roof, including several lengths of pressure hose and vacuum hose; enough to reach all roof units across the store. The FLEETWASH crew will also “Lock Out” each rooftop unit to the “off” position before cleaning coil.
  • FLEETWASH uses a diluted foaming non-acid, biodegradable, coil cleaner on site. Coil cleaner is applied with a pump sprayer. FLEETWASH crew members will use different wands and nozzles depending on the application and open or remove cover panels on units to gain access to coil area.
  • FLEETWASH will set up their patent-protected water recovery system in the lowest point of each HVAC unit. All water will be contained and removed from the premises.
  • FLEETWASH will wash away heavy dirt with water only, spraying the back and front of each coil to push clean water through the fins. FLEETWASH crew members will rinse entire coil area thoroughly until a CLEAR flow of water is coming from the coil area.
  • FLEETWASH then replaces all access panels and any missing screws, removes the “Lock Out” on each rooftop unit, and turns the power back on.
  • FLEETWASH crew leader then talks with the store or facility manager to report any problems or concerns with any of the rooftop units. The crew leader and facility manager will inspect each HVAC thoroughly before the job is considered complete.


  • FLEETWASH is the LARGEST on-site mobile washing company in the country with services available from Coast to Coast.
  • FLEETWASH field agents hand scrub and pressure rinse from top to bottom for a spot free finish.
  • With FLEETWASH appointments are scheduled and confirmed at times that are convenient FOR YOU.
  • FLEETWASH has 24/7 “On Call” Servicing.
  • FLEETWASH maintains $15 Million Liability Insurance.
  • AND FLEETWASH holds a $2 Million Pollution Insurance policy.
  • FLEETWASH uses a powerful, patented truck-mounted vacuum system, strong enough to reach a work area 700 feet away.
  • FLEETWASH uniformed personnel and modern, well-marked vehicles mean that we will be a professional presence at your site.
  • All FLEETWASH work is guaranteed!

In today's regulatory environment, for your protection and ours, we do the job by the book.

  • FLEETWASH takes the environmental impact of what we do very seriously, we strictly follow the regulation guidelines in your State and Local area that are designed to protect our environment from water run-off.
  • FLEETWASH collects and properly disposes of all water run-off utilizing our patent-protected water recovery system.
  • FLEETWASH holds licenses and permits from over 50 cities in states around the country and is certified by your State and Local Environmental Agencies.
  • FLEETWASH uses self-contained wash units that carry their own water and power supply.
  • FLEETWASH utilizes all biodegradable cleaning agents and degreasers in their cleaning process.
  • FLEETWASH assumes all risks and liabilities for proper water isolation, collection, transportation and disposal of your waste water in compliance with your Local, State and Federal regulations.

Satisfied Customers

The crew always does a wonderful job. They are in and out quickly and do a good job. FLEETWASH is always prompt and courteous.
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