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High Dusting

Remove dingy grime and dust from high ceilings and hard to reach places!

Thick dust builds up overtime, collecting allergens and pollutants with it. FLEETWASH can help dust off your image and leave event the toughest, highest areas looking like new!

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FLEETWASH offers High Dusting to keep your facility looking new and your customers and employees safe from air pollutants.

Dust and grime build up over time, making your facility look dingy and dirty. ESPECIALLY high, hard to reach areas.

FLEETWASH High Dusting Before and After

FLEETWASH can help!

Our professional crew of cleaning experts can get the hard to reach areas of your stores, offices, and warehouses – no matter what the height!

  • Remove dust, bugs, carbon build up and HVAC residue
  • Improve air quality
  • Eliminate unhealthy allergens
  • Improve your image - with a crisp, clean look


Experience - FLEETWASH services businesses high dusting and cleaning needs from Coast-to-Coast

Expertise - FLEETWASH has the equipment, lifts, poles, brushes and soft cloth cleaning to reach and clean high areas without damaging surrounding areas.

Safety - FLEETWASH takes every precaution to ensure the safety of their crew, our clients and people in the areas. Crew members wear proper safety equipment and PPE when appropriate.


Per Year


  • FLEETWASH is the LARGEST on-site mobile washing company in the country with services available from Coast to Coast.
  • FLEETWASH assumes all risks and liabilities for proper water recovery and compliance with your Local, State and Federal regulations.
  • FLEETWASH takes the environmental impact of what we do very seriously; we strictly follow the regulation guidelines in your State and Local area that are designed to protect our environment from water run-off.
  • FLEETWASH holds licenses and permits from over 50 cities in states around the country and is certified by your State and Local Environmental Agencies.
  • FLEETWASH maintains $15 Million Liability Insurance
  • AND FLEETWASH holds a $2 Million Pollution Insurance policy.
  • FLEETWASH utilizes all biodegradable cleaning agents and degreasers in their cleaning process.
  • FLEETWASH collects and properly disposes of all water-run off utilizing their patent-protected water recovery system.
  • All FLEETWASH work is guaranteed!

In today's regulatory environment, for your protection and ours, we do the job by the book.

  • FLEETWASH field agents hand scrub and pressure rinse from top to bottom for a spot free finish.
  • With FLEETWASH appointments are scheduled and confirmed at times that are convenient FOR YOU.
  • FLEETWASH has 24/7 “On Call” Servicing
  • FLEETWASH uniformed personnel and modern, well-marked vehicles mean that we will be a professional presence at your site.

Satisfied Customers

FLEETWASH has been spot on for years now. 10 out of 10 Customer Satisfaction. John Herring, Coastal Insulation 
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