Getting you clean while keeping you GREEN


At FLEETWASH, we C.A.R.E. about our planet

We've been innovating GREEN cleaning solutions since 1973


The UN’s 2017 World Water Development Report identifies wastewater as an important, reliable alternative water resource. That’s why the FLEETWASH proprietary C.A.R.E. water recovery system is so innovative and essential.


Our dedication to sustainable cleaning led to the creation of our standardized, patent-protected C.A.R.E. water recovery system. Our 4-step process is unlike any other, and is used on every job to ensure effective and responsible wastewater elimination:



Wash water is safely collected using our customized pump and barrier system. This prevents wastewater from entering storm drains and allows us to safely collect water runoff.



Wastewater is allocated and transported to the nearest FLEETWASH facility for processing. Our self-contained wash units carry their own water and power supply.



Using filtration, settling tanks, and chemical treatment, contaminants are removed from wastewater at FLEETWASH Operation Management stations.



Water is safely eliminated into sanitary sewer systems in complete compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

Watch our video of FLEETWASH C.A.R.E. Water Recovery System on YouTube

FLEETWASH C.A.R.E. Water Recovery System

FLEETWASH's patent-protected C.A.R.E. water recovery system helps keep pollutants from entering our lakes, rivers and streams. FLEETWASH is dedicated to getting you clean while keeping you and our natural resources GREEN.

Watch the Video

Watch our video FLEETWASH Impact on YouTube

C.A.R.E. safely eliminates over 6,000,000 gallons of water per year!

FLEETWASH takes sustainability seriously and our efforts make a big impact on keeping harmful pollutants out of our water.

Watch the Video

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Our GREEN clean doesn’t end there…

  • FLEETWASH Environmental Compliance Team routinely inspects facilities to ensure quality and environmental compliance
  • Newly redesigned pressure washers reduce gasoline consumption and emission and ensure water recovery on every job
  • All operations optimize work routes to maximize work and fuel efficiency
  • All facilities comply with OSHA, EHS, and state government requirements and are certified by state and local environmental agencies
  • FLEETWASH maintains $15M Liability and $2M pollution insurance

FLEETWASH is a proud member of the U.S. Green Chamber

We are proud to be a member of the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce, an organization for businesses and community organizations that emphasize green and sustainable business practices.

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