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Water Quality Concerns Us All

We only have one Earth – and water is our most precious commodity. Freshwater makes up less than 3% of Earth’s water but is the source for sustaining life by providing drinking water for all its inhabitants.1

According to the EPA’s National Water Quality Inventory, almost 44% of U.S. rivers and 64% of lakes were not clean enough to support fishing and swimming in the year 2004. Rivers and lakes, an important source of our drinking water, are particularly vulnerable to pollution. Leading causes of pollution included pathogens, mercury, nutrients, and organic enrichment. Discharge out of pipes, run off from livestock, fertilizer and other pollutants washing off the land all play a hand in the build-up of these pollutants in our water systems.2

Pesticides and fertilizers used to manage our golf courses, lawns, and farms account for a major portion of runoff pollution. Roads and parking lot runoff; tainted with oil, gasoline and road salt, also pollutes lakes and streams. Stormflow carries these unwanted materials into our storm drains, through our sewers, and into nearby creeks and streams increasingly degrading the water quality.3

Most people assume that water flowing into our sewage system can be treated and harmful pollutants removed. However, many chemicals that enter our sewage systems can be powerful enough to damage the sewers in our homes and city water treatment systems.4 For this reason, the EPA and other Local, State and Federal agencies have increased regulations to better police and prevent what enters the city sewage system – and thereby our water supply – in the first place.

FLEETWASH – An Innovator in Better Cleaning Solutions

Since its inception in 1973, FLEETWASH has been an innovator in the mobile cleaning industry. Back then, FLEETWASH created a unique water retention system utilizing a customized pump and barriers to isolate and collect water runoff during mobile truck washing projects. Water was isolated, collected and hauled off site for proper elimination. We were ahead of our time.

Since then, FLEETWASH  continuously tests, develops and improves every aspect of our wash:

  • the biodegradable degreasers, detergents;
  • the isolation and retention system;
  • and the wash water filtration and elimination process.

Our innovation, ingenuity, and dedication to sustainable cleaning have led to the creation of the FLEETWASH patent-protected water recovery system.

Every FLEETWASH team member is trained to perform this patented water recovery process on every job – using the same exacting standards to ensure effective wash water elimination. While other vehicle and facility cleaners may use similar water recovery steps, many will contract out to third parties to do their work. FLEETWASH is different.

Over 700 FLEETWASH mobile units are deployed daily servicing companies – large and small – from coast to coast. FLEETWASH field people complete every job – every wash according to the procedures FLEETWASH has standardized around the country.

Last year alone FLEETWASH completed over 8 million truck washes, over 75,000 trash compactors, more than 100,000 Solar Panels, over 100,000 HVAC and refrigeration units….and countless buildings, awnings and sidewalks. As a result, FLEETWASH  processed and eliminated over 6 Million Gallons of wastewater in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way.

FLEETWASH is committed to continuing its innovation, dedication, and leadership in water isolation, collection, transportation, and elimination.

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FLEETWASH Takes Environmental Impact Seriously

  • FLEETWASH strictly follows the regulation guidelines in your State and Local area that are designed to protect our environment from water run-off.
  • FLEETWASH maintains $15 Million Liability Insurance.
  • AND FLEETWASH holds a $2 Million Pollution Insurance policy.
  • FLEETWASH holds licenses and permits from over 50 cities in states around the country and is certified by your State and Local Environmental Agencies.
  • FLEETWASH utilizes all biodegradable cleaning agents and degreasers in their cleaning process.
  • All wastewater is transported off site - FLEETWASH uses self-contained wash units that carry their own water and power supply.
  • Wastewater is treated at FLEETWASH Operation Management stations before being released to town or city sewer systems.
  • FLEETWASH processed and eliminated over 6 Million Gallons of Waste Water last year alone!
  • All FLEETWASH work is guaranteed!

FLEETWASH is a proud member of the U.S. Green Chamber

We are proud to be a member of the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce, an organization for businesses and community organizations that emphasize green and sustainable business practices.

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