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Facility Services

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Coil Cleaning

FLEETWASH can clean your rooftop HVAC and refrigerator coils. Cleaner coils mean increased efficiency and extended appliance life. Our patent-protected water recovery process keeps the wastewater properly contained, whether on the ground, in your store, or on your roof.

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Compactor Cleaning

Keeping your trash compactor clean improves performance and extends its life – saving you money. Let FLEETWASH maintain your compactor with a regularly scheduled cleaning.

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Facility & Building Cleaning

FLEETWASH will make your entrance, facade, building, and sidewalk shine like new. Make a good first impression with every customer that walks in your front door with comfort in knowing we’ve done the job right and to code. Keeping you GREEN while keeping you clean.

Food Handling icon

Food Handling

Manufacturing food plant sanitation systems specializing in bacteria, hygiene, and mold as well as odor control for all sectors of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Hood Cleaning icon

Hood Cleaning

FLEETWASH trained technicians will hot-power wash, steam and hand clean the entire kitchen exhaust system from the rooftop fan all the way to the cooktop.

Parking lot Services icon

Parking Lot Services

Be it snow or dirt, FLEETWASH can keep your facility’s parking lot and sidewalk clean and safe. Snow plowing, parking lot sweeping, line striping and more.

Refrigeration Unit Cleaning icon

Refrigeration Unit Cleaning

FLEETWASH can ensure your refrigeration units and cases are kept sanitary and running well. We carefully hand-clean these intricate units inside and out, increasing efficiency, reliability and food safety.

Solar Panel Cleaning icon

Solar Panel Cleaning

FLEETWASH trained technicians willpower wash and hand clean solar panels using our C.A.R.E.S. recovery water system. We carry a full lineup of Organic Cleaners to level up your GREEN Clean.

High Dusting icon

High Dusting

FLEETWASH offers High Dusting to keep your facility looking new and your customers and employees safe from air pollutants. Dust and grime build up over time, making your facility look dingy and dirty. ESPECIALLY high, hard to reach areas.

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