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Business Acquisitions

FLEETWASH prides itself on being a "from the ground up" business. In 1973, FLEETWASH was a family-run business, driven by innovation, hard work, and long hours. As a fellow business owner, we know you can relate.

You have invested blood and sweat creating and cultivating your business. Then cultivated the business over years, through both good times, and bad. Celebrating wins when they came. Making tough decisions when they were needed.

Now, you want to ensure the legacy you have built, lives on.

Focus on Growth

As a business owner you wear a lot of hats, at times you may have worn ALL the hats – new business development, financial planner, accountant, lawyer, human resource manager, mechanic, and possibly even the janitor. Like most, you enjoy some of these roles more than others. Why not focus on running and growing your business and leave the rest to someone else?

FLEETWASH can help.

We take time to listen to what owners want from their acquisition. With FLEETWASH you have real options, you will never be railroaded in to an arrangement you were not looking for.

I was at a point in life where I needed to reduce my stress. I loved running my business, but I didn’t like the stress of payroll, cashflow and legal. At FLEETWASH I still run my business, but those stresses are gone.
Kyle Mason, Owner

Employees with Options

Chances are, you didn’t arrive here on your own. We understand how much you value the team that brought you this far. You want to take the same care and consideration for your employees as you do for your business, ensuring those who work for you and rely on you will be well taken care of.

FLEETWASH can offer employees opportunities to grow and be promoted within the company.

My employees have benefited from our joining forces with FLEETWASH. They have gained knowledge and expanded their capabilities. Some have even found opportunities for advancement within FLEETWASH.
Chris Panek, Owner

Fellowship and Trust

For almost 50 years, FLEETWASH has been in the business of mobile power washing. Our initial innovations in water isolation, containment and transportation processes fueled our initial growth within the Northeast. Overtime, FLEETWASH acquired over 94 numerous smaller power washing operations across the country – just like yours!

Today we service clients from coast-to-coast.

Our focus has grown from servicing primarily the transportation industry to a multitude of industries, including Petroleum, Big Box Retail, Convenient stores, Supermarkets, Restaurants and more through our extensive facility service cleaning and disinfecting expertise.

When FLEETWASH acquires a business, we don’t liquidate or take over. We understand the importance of honoring legacy and creating a shared vision for the future. Businesses that we have acquired continue to operate, sometimes with great autonomy. Business systems that you have set in place may continue, or even grow and become incorporated into the conglomerate of FLEETWASH operations as best practices.

Our years of experience, both in building our business and in merging and acquiring vertical businesses, gives the FLEETWASH team a unique perspective. We listen to what is important to you, the business owner, and work to understand the needs of your business team.

Deciding to sell your company can be difficult. After meeting the founders of FLEETWASH, I observed a commitment to quality, respect for their team, recognition of the value of my team, and a desire to grow. We have grown 40% with the support of FLEETWASH. We are so grateful for the opportunity to grow with FLEETWASH. We are all winning.
Jeremy Morgan, Co-founder of Krystal Klean

FLEETWASH Discover Process

All our acquisition discussions begin with just that – a discussion. Not by a group of outside consultants, but a discussion between business owners. To learn more, simply fill out the form below.

We will not initiate any conversations about your business without a non-disclosure form signed by each party. Your form will be read directly by our FLEETWASH founders, who respond back within a few days to discuss next steps.

We hope you will consider becoming a member of the FLEETWASH team. To start your conversation, fill out the form today!

Take Care and Keep Cleaning.

Recent FLEETWASH Acquisitions

Hear From Owners Like You – "We've Been There!"

Kyle Mason

Kyle Mason

After meeting with everyone involved the process was remarkably smooth. FLEETWASH was easy to work with and very flexible.
Chris Panek

Chris Panek

Some of my crew members have become trainers and travel to teach other FLEETWASH crews across the country. Two of our top laborers are now full-time Operations Managers.
Jeremy Morgan

Jeremy Morgan

I had been in the cleaning business for 20 years and purchased 20 companies over this time. Selling to FLEETWASH was a tough decision, but we are very glad we made it. If you have a cleaning business with high standards and are considering selling your company, call FLEETWASH.

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