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Facility Managers Trust FLEETWASH

In Retail – Your First Impression Counts

For Facility Managers, maintaining clean retail store plays a critical role in a store's success. The cleanliness of a facility can either positively or negatively impact a chain's brand. High customer expectations, the growth of LEED and GREEN cleaning, as well as the cost of maintaining an appropriate janitorial staff and equipment all add to the complexity of maintaining cost-effective cleanliness.

A consumer marketing study conducted by ISSA – The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association - 95% of shoppers reported that unclean restrooms, unpleasant orders, dirty floors, spills, dirty shopping carts, and stains could all influence purchasing decisions. Shoppers want to feel comfortable; your facility should be clean and feel healthy to ensure an optimal shopping experience.

FLEETWASH can help.

FLEETWASH has the experience, expertise, and professionalism you can count on. PLUS your job is done to code and in an environmentally sustainable way – we guarantee it.

FLEETWASH can keep your retail facility clean inside and out. From floors to rooftops and everything in between. FLEETWASH field agents strictly adhere to FLEETWASH operating procedures and utilize FLEETWASH's patent-protected water recovery system for every job. You can rest assured your facility is cleaned safely and cleaned GREEN as well.

Over 700 FLEETWASH mobile units are deployed daily servicing companies – large and small – from coast to coast. Last year alone FLEETWASH re-imaged more than 1,000 Gas Stations and completed over 2,000 Gas station cleanings. That's in addition to the 8 million truck washes, over 75,000 trash compactors, more than 100,000 Solar Panels, over 100,000 HVAC and refrigeration units… and countless buildings, awnings, and sidewalks FLEETWASH serviced last year alone!

Always scheduled. Always professional. Always on time. Always at your service.

Satisfied Customers

Our FLEETWASH representative is a wonderful guy. He always goes out of his way to make sure we are happy. I thought we were just getting special treatment because we have been a long-time customer, but now I realize that that's just how FLEETWASH customers are treated. Mr. Dworak, Walter Dworak
FLEETWASH does a good job and everything is wonderful. 10 out of 10! Mr. Ferares, Public Service
FLEETWASH service is great and the billing procedures I rate a 10! Mr. Iverson, Ryder Truck Rental 
Our FLEETWASH rep is very good! I give FLEETWASH a 10 out of 10 in Customer Service! Mr. Torres, Torres Bros. Trucking 
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