Getting you clean while keeping you GREEN

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January 20th, 2017 @ 5:00:00 AM CST by

Welcome to the FLEETWASH official "GREEN Wash Blog" – a place where we will share our product knowledge, experience, and thoughts on Environmentally Sustainable washing with all of our customers and peers. Things like:

Why it’s important to keep that trash compactor in the back of your facility clean. How regularly scheduled inspection and maintenance of your facility equipment will save you more than just a headache down the road. Why you might want to have a professional clean your kitchen exhaust system and not leave it to your restaurant employees. Even why the EPA might be closely monitoring your drainage and sewer system usage.

We at FLEETWASH hope this blog will help our customers save money, save time, and help our clients protect the environment through simple education and tips. Now that may sound ambitious.  Please be patient with us; we are new at this blogging thing.

In addition to sharing our thoughts here on our GREEN Wash Blog, you can see more of our day-to-day work and customer experiences on our social media pages. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to look at how we help our clients stay clean AND GREEN each and every day from Coast-to-Coast.

Thanks for visiting. More to come soon!


Getting you clean while keeping you GREEN

FLEETWASH started its washing operation in 1973. The need for a mobile service was evident in the quickly expanding transportation and distribution industry in the greater New York City area. Many spawning companies had growing truck fleets that all needed to be cleaned, and the original mobile truck washing idea took off and grew rapidly through the 70's and continued to grow into the 80's.

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