Getting you clean while keeping you GREEN

FLEETWASH: When Cleanliness Matters Most

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March 26th, 2020 @ 12:00:00 AM CST by


With many states facing mandatory closures of all non-essential businesses due to the ongoing worldwide health crisis, convenience stores and gas stations remain one of the only lifelines for individuals and families across the nation.

In the face of so much fear and uncertainty, your customers want the security of knowing you will provide them with the essentials they seek, and most of all, that you are a safe and CLEAN destination for their shopping.

Recommendations from the WHOCDC and State Departments of Health are being updated daily, in some cases hourly. Information and guidance are rapidly changing and evolving, but one thing is for certain: the key to keeping healthy is keeping clean. Hands, clothing, surfaces, and pumps all need to remain sanitary to keep your staff and your customers safe.

But keeping pace with a proper preventive cleaning regimen in a busy gas station or convenience store is a real challenge in this uncertain environment. Every individual that passes through your establishment is another possible contamination source. Of particular concern are high-touch areas which need thorough and frequent cleaning since the virus can remain active on surfaces for days, such as:

·       gas pump handles

·       shopping carts and baskets

·       credit card key pads/scanners

·       door knobs and handles

·       countertops

·       bathrooms

·       refrigeration cases


FLEETWASH is with you in this crisis - convenient, scheduled, preventive cleaning

FLEETWASH, a proud and longtime partner of the NACS, is the largest national mobile facility washing company in the U.S., with almost 50 years of experience. FLEETWASH can keep your facility CLEAN - inside and out, from floors to rooftops and everything in between. Our field agents strictly adhere to FLEETWASH operating procedures and utilize our patent-protected C.A.R.E. water recovery system for every job, ensuring a GREEN clean every time.

We come to you, at a time that works with your schedule, and perform our services in full compliance with EPA standards.

Gas stations and convenience stores like Speedway, Sheetz, QuickTrip, BP, and many more have been relying on FLEETWASH services for years--year-round, coast-to-coast.

Always professional. Always on time. Always at your service. Request a Quote today!




Getting you clean while keeping you GREEN

FLEETWASH started its washing operation in 1973. The need for a mobile service was evident in the quickly expanding transportation and distribution industry in the greater New York City area. Many spawning companies had growing truck fleets that all needed to be cleaned, and the original mobile truck washing idea took off and grew rapidly through the 70's and continued to grow into the 80's.

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